Description Edit

The Basic Sword is the first sword unlocked in Forge of Fire. It was designed by ROBLOX.

Abilities Edit

Battle Cry: Edit

Your player will let out a loud Battle Cry. Seconds after, you will obtain a damage buff. This buff increases your damage by 10% for 20 seconds, allowing players to have an offensive advantage over your opponent/s. Upon using this weapon. The cooldown for Battle Cry ability is 20 seconds.

Qualities Edit

  • Average Damage (15 Damage)
  • Average Speed (17 speed)
  • Average Jump Height (42 Jump Height)
  • Recovery (1 Seconds)
  • Swing (0.6 Seconds)
  • Average DPS (9.38 DPS)
  • Offensive Ability
  • Low Cooldown (20 seconds)

Trivia: Edit

  • The model for the Basic Sword was created by ROBLOX and was under the name "Linked Sword"

Update History: Edit

19w44a (first playability update) - Introduction

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