Description Edit

The Festive Sword is an event sword that is a part of the 2019 December Christmas update. unlocked in Forge of Fire, It was designed by Mahdio. The Festive Sword is also common.

Abilities Edit

Festive Gifts: Edit

Similar to Battle Cry, it boosts the user's DPS by 10%. However, Festive gifts do not only buff the user's damage by 10% but allies of the user as well. When used, lasts for 10 seconds. The cooldown is 25 seconds.

Qualities Edit

  • Average Damage (16.5 Damage)
  • Average Speed (18 speed)
  • Average Jump Height (45 Jump Height)
  • Recovery (0.95 Seconds)
  • Swing (0.6 Seconds)
  • Average DPS (10.65 DPS)
  • Moderate Cooldown (25 seconds)
  • Defense Ability

Trivia Edit

  • The Festive Sword is the only common sword in the 2019 December update.
  • The Festive Sword is the only sword to have Festive Gifts.
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