Not to be confused with its thrift store counterpart.

Description Edit

The Firebrand is a legendary sword in Forge Of Fire. It was Designed by ROBLOX.

Abilities Edit

Volanic Eruption: Edit

Upon usage, ashes fly and spread to a very far distance from the user. Opponents struck by an ash will be burnt and stunned for a short time. Deals medium damage in total with a 30 second cooldown.

Qualities Edit

  • High Damage (22.5 Damage)
  • Low Speed (12 Speed)
  • Low Jump Height (32.5 Jump Height)
  • Slow Recovery (1.5 Seconds)
  • Slow Swing (1.818 Seconds)
  • Extremely Low DPS (6.78 Damage)
  • Long Cooldown (30 Seconds)

Trivia Edit

  • The Firebrand is the first sword to have Volcanic Eruption as an ability.
  • The Firebrand is the 3rd legendary sword in Forge Of Fire
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