The Golden Sword are two unique daggers in Forge of Fire. They are obtainable by winning a Tournament. The sword was made by Gabemcgabington.


Golden Flex:Edit

The ability debuff's your opponent's attack by 25% for 10 seconds. Allowing you to fight head-on against a weaker opponent. There is a 25 second cool down.


  • Medium Damage (18 Damage)
  • Above Average Speed (19 Speed)
  • Above Average Jump Height (45 Jump Height)
  • Quick Swing (0.545 Swing)
  • Quick Recovery (0.9 Recovery)
  • Debuff Ability
  • Glows


  • The Golden Sword can only be obtained by winning a tournament.
  • The Golden Flex ability is the exact same as the Alpha Flex ability.
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