Description Edit

The Illumina is a rare sword unlocked in Forge of Fire. It was designed by ROBLOX.

Abilities Edit

Angelic Healing: Edit

  • In exchange of 25% of the user's base damage, you increase your health by 50%.
  • Angelic Healing can be used to recover from major damage input.

Qualities Edit

  • Average Damage (19 Damage)
  • Average Speed (18 Speed)
  • Average Jump Height (45 Jump Height)
  • Recovery (1 Second)
  • Swing (0.6 Seconds)
  • Average DPS (11.88 DPS)
  • Moderate Cooldown (20 seconds)
  • Defense Ability

Trivia Edit

  • The Illumina is the second rare in Forge of Fire.
  • The Illumina is the only sword to have a passive sparkle ability.
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