Description Edit

The Paper Firebrand (originally the Totally Real Firebrand) is a Unique weapon that is currently unobtainable to the public. The Paper Firebrand is similar to the Firebrand in design, however flat and clearly made of a cardboard-like substance.

Current : Volcanic Eruption Edit

Upon usage, ashes fly and spread to a very far distance from the user. Opponents struck by an ash will be burnt and stunned for a short time. Deals medium damage in total with a 30 second cooldown.

Original : Paper Embers Edit

Upon usage, this ability was planned to have the same effect as Volcanic Eruption, while also filling the enemy player's screen with confetti. This ended up not being implemented.

 Qualities Edit

  • 18.5 Damage
  • 25.5 speed
  • 72.5 Jump Height
  • 1 Second Recovery
  • 0.6 Second Swing
  • 11.56 DPS
  • Offensive Ability
  • Unknown Cooldown

Trivia Edit

  • The sword was designed by Euan, the person also responsible for the 2020 Forge Of Fire trailer.
  • The sword was first suggested in January 2020, however was not added until March 2020.
  • A scrapped idea for unlocking the sword was to enter a thrift shop in game, and search the store until you found a Paper Firebrand.
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