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The logo used in the game's 2020 trailer.

Forge of Fire is an online multiplayer sword fighting game by Gabemcgabingtin and RiskoZoSlovenska with help from many community members. The game was released November 2, 2019. The game has players fight on various different maps to obtain currency and buy crates; from which they can unlock different swords with unique abilities.


Forge of Fire is currently out to the public. Although several leaks have been posted on the Discord server, little is known about the game and its origins. It is known that it was originally conceived in May 2019 by Gabemcgabingtin (shown left) and gokartguru (shown right). Due to gokartguru's insufficient knowledge in Lua, the project did not get very far.

In July 2019, RiskoZoSlovenska, a novice programmer who helped Gabemcgabingtin on earlier projects, he also brought his friend steereter1245 to help build. With Risko's better understanding of scripting, Forge of Fire officially entered development.

By Mid-July, word about Forge of Fire had spread like wildfire, several admins and moderators were hired to control the rapidly growing community. By now, several contributors created maps for the game; which further boosted the project's popularity. The game's release would still be a while away.

After the main developer returned from vacation, Forge of Fire released to the public.

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