Description Edit

The Ulterior Candy Cane is a heavy melee sword in Forge of Fire. It was designed by ROBLOX.

Abilities Edit

Peppermint Punch: Edit

Similar to the Alpha Flex ability, decreases enemy DPS. However, Peppermint Punch decreases all opponents' DPS by 15%. The Peppermint Punch could be very useful for team fights and getting the upper hand early game.

Qualities Edit

  • Very High DPS (35 DPS)
  • Very Slow (13 Speed)
  • Very Low Jump Height (33 Jump Height)
  • Moderate Cooldown (25 seconds)
  • Large Hitbox
  • Slow Attack Speed

Trivia Edit

  • The Ulterior Candy Cane is the 3rd unique sword in-game.
  • The Ulterior Candy Cane is the 2nd sword to have a nerfing DPS ability in-game.
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