Description Edit

The Ulterior Spring Sword is an Ulterior sword unlocked in Forge of Fire. It was only obtainable during the Spring 2020 Event. It was designed by ROBLOX and retextured by EuanBomber.

Abilities Edit

Pollen Power: Edit

By infusing your sword with the power of pollen, you do 15% more damage for 5 seconds. 17 second recharge.

Qualities Edit

  • High Damage (21 Damage)
  • Average Speed (18 speed)
  • Average Jump Height (45 Jump Height)
  • Recovery (0.95 Seconds)
  • Swing (0.545 Seconds)
  • High DPS (14.05 DPS)
  • Offensive Ability
  • Low Cooldown (17 seconds)

Trivia Edit

  • This was a secret sword in the Spring 2020 Event.
  • This sword has the exact same stats as the Spring Saber.
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